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We’re proud to offer an escape to those born to explore

In a nutshell

Gone are the days of working from an office.
MUDPOD Ltd helps you build your perfect van, kitted out for your work. Allowing you to #workfromvan in the most inspiring places.


The year the World changed for ever.

The COVID-19 global pandemic shaped a generation, it was our World War.

It forced many to work from their homes.

Many took the invitation to rethink how they work, where they work, and the balance between work and life.


The concept of MUDPOD Ltd was born out of a simple realisation.

The impact of work, and the working day was too big. Life was suffering.

Faded dreams of travelling and a thirst for exploring sparked an idea.

The concept of #vanlife already well established, MUDPOD Ltd sets out to take all that’s good with van conversions, but adding functional elements needed for work.

Through a catalogue of in-house developed products, and later offering full van conversion, MUDPOD Ltd is leading the #workfromvan revolution!

Dan Neaves


Initially, in my job as a Software and Data Engineer, working from home was great. The commute had gone, I had so much more time.

But very quickly, as I walked into my home-office every day, it became clear that something was missing.

The inspiration I got from being in an office full of energy, hustle and bustle, was no longer there. There had to be a way to find that feeling again, Zoom didn’t quite cut it.

In 2021 I bought a VW Crafter van with my fiance Katie. We kitted it out with internet and started working out of it with our dog, River.

The feeling of freedom we got from working in this way was addictive. It opened up new possibilities for us to re balance the relationship between work and life. It was just what we were looking for.

MUDPOD Ltd is a way of sharing that feeling with others, helping people build their escape POD.

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