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Stop handcrafting wooden frames for your Dometic S7P windows

Fit your Dometic S7P Window accurately with our Frame in 2020 Aluminium.

Built with the same 5 metre radius as the outer window frame, you can be sure of a great, solid seal that follows the contours of your van. In addition you get all the benefits of 2020 Rexroth pattern aluminium to mount your blinds and wall covers securely.

Save time on your build

The kit works in harmony with the official Dometic S7P fitting kit, converters and self builders alike can save valuable time by using this kit.

No more measuring and struggling to build your own frame from wood, simply assemble our kit and fit.

We estimate a time saving of a whole day when compared to constructing a wooden frame of comparable construction.

Keep the beautiful curves of your van

The 5 metre radius of the Dometic S7P is specifically designed to maintain the panel shape in most vans.

Our kit follows the same 5m radius as the Dometic S7P
Our kit follows the same 5m radius as the Dometic S7P

But what happens if you mount with a flat frame?

Our frame follows the same 5 metre radius as the outer window, allowing for a smoother look in the panel versus a non-radius frame.

In the box

  • Pre cut 2020 aluminium lengths for your chosen window size
  • 80mm radius corners to match the Dometic S7 window
  • Radius fillets
  • Self tapping M6 core screws

Required Tools & Materials

  • Our kit!
  • Sika 219i or equivalent sealant
  • A Dometic S7 window the same size as your kit
  • The appropriate Dometic Fitting Clips

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions100 × 10 × 10 cm

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